You’ve worked hard on setting up your business ground up. Now it’s time to celebrate your hard work while accelerating your business’s growth. Introducing a partnership that will buy your brand and take it to unimaginable heights. A partnership that will fuel the next e-commerce revolution.

Introducing Lifelong, A Thrasio Company

Lifelong, India’s leading D2C consumer durable brand, has a strong presence across diverse product categories. Powered with an experienced team, a pan India customer service network and a robust digital logistics network, we have a proven track record of launching and scaling each category to reach our consumer. Our deep integration with Amazon, Flipkart and other marketplaces and our understanding of the online retail ecosystem, is a testament to our capabilities of e-commerce fulfilment at multiple locations across India.

Lifelong partners with Thrasio, the world’s largest acquirer of Amazon and e-commerce businesses that now manages a growing global portfolio of over 150 brands and 22,000 SKUs. Together, we will build a technology-first, next generation consumer goods company. We will buy promising e-commerce first businesses and grow them exponentially, ensuring that you, the seller, will profit from a better earn-out.

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Why sell to Lifelong, A Thrasio Company?

The best of Lifelong and Thrasio

When you sell to us, you get the best of both worlds. The combined expertise of India’s leading D2C consumer brand and the world’s most experienced acquirer of Amazon and e-commerce businesses. We will leverage our infrastructure and knowledge to facilitate a smooth transition.

You are in good hands

You’ve worked hard to build your business. We understand what it means to you and feel the same way. With that very enthusiasm, we use our expertise and experience to perfect the manufacturing, marketing and reconciliation processes for your business.

Be part of the growth story

We aren’t just acquiring your business. We are investing in the future of your business. And we don’t intend to enjoy the benefits alone. We are open to structuring a deal where you can benefit from the continued growth with a better earn-out.

Because every business is unique, we have developed an acquisition model that anchors on data, speed and ease of transition. It provides insights on your business’s current standing and its potential growth trajectory.

1. Evaluation

Once you submit your brand for consideration, we will evaluate it and get a valuation based on performance and potential, and issue a LOI to extend our interest, all within 3 days.

2. Due Diligence

Within the next 30 to 40 days, we will conduct the necessary due diligence, verify the financial statements and get the paperwork in order, preparing contracts and agreements for you to sign.

3. Fund Transfer

You will receive the funds as the first payout within 60 days. Based on our agreement, you will continue to get the subsequent payments.

4. Integration

Now that we’ve acquired the business, we will integrate it by putting it through migration, supply chain review, marketing and inventory optimisation.

5. Acceleration

Once migrated, we will deploy our team of 1000+ experts who will use data insights and proven strategies to scale your business.

Meet the leaders

Carlos Cashman

Co-founder at Thrasio

Bharat Kalia

Co-founder at Lifelong Online

David Shapiro

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Innovation at Thrasio

Greg Stevens

Director, Strategy & Operations (Acquisitions) at Thrasio

Varun Grover

Co-founder at Lifelong Online

Atul Raheja

Co-founder at Lifelong Online

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